About Me

Lucy is a registered therapist with the SMA (Sports Massage Association) and FHT (Foundation of Holistic Therapies) who is trained in:

Sports Massage therapy
Deep Tissue Massage
Trigger Point Therapy
Hydrotherm Massage
Kinesiology Taping

Together these therapies treat a range issues from acute to persistent pain to relieving tension from everyday stress.

Lucy discovered the wonders of massage therapy after receiving treatment for continuous pain caused by bad posture. Astounded with the results she was keen to learn how it worked and wanted to help others manage their pain in the same way.

Lucy is always wanting to expand her knowledge and continuously aims to broaden her expertise in the treatment of pain and injury.

Lucy's Story

“I suffered with terrible posture, a rounded shouldered slouch that resembled a mutant turtle, it wasn’t attractive and by the end of my 20’s was causing me tremendous back pain. I had tried different methods over the years to correct it, even wore a back brace but holding my body in a different manner only caused me to ache more. A friend of mine had recently qualified as a sports massage therapist and i had a few treatments with incredible results, not only did it ease the pain i was suffering, i could stand taller with better posture.

I was dumbfounded by the results and decided i wanted to learn how to perform this magic for myself so i enrolled on a level 3 sports massage course at a local college and studied one evening a week.

But it wasn’t enough, i wanted to learn more!

I started shadowing a highly skilled therapist who was a master in massage and trigger point therapy, my mind was blown and my quest to learn the secret of releasing people from their pain had begun